FCL Organisation are pleased to announce the opening of Pipercross Performance Oils eBay shop.

Pipercross Performance Oils sell the most comprehensive range of quality and specialist oils for Cars, Bikes and Karting anywhere in Europe, including Shell, Silkolene, Morris, Total and now ENI (formally Agip). With over 40 years of oils and fluids experience you can be sure you will have the correct product for your application. We sell oils for all makes of cars and bikes, from the most extreme modern supercars and motorcycles to vintage, veteran and classic. You’ll find oils for all applications from mineral monogrades to super high tech racing synthetics. We stock engine oils, gear oils, differential and axle oils, brake fluids, power steering fluid, coolant and workshop products. All in all, there’s more than 400 car and bike oils and fluids available to buy here!

Pipercross Performance Oils are also offering a free 5L Screenwash tab with every Oil purchase.

Click here for more information.