Marine Lubricants

FCSL supply a complete range of marine lubricants to protect the engines and shipboard equipment of your fleet. Through our network and team of lubrication professionals, we deliver products and services, to ensure you can operate your fleet more efficiently and cost effectively.

Our services, such as onboard oil test kits and oil analysis, are helping many customers monitor the performance and condition of their fleets’ engine oils and shipboard equipment with ease and efficiency.

Why Are We The Best?

Our services include supply availability at many ports worldwide, and synthetic lubricants for specialised purposes. Our knowledge of the products and close co-operation with our customers enables us to offer you the best service and support available.




Key Products

  • Cylinder oils – crosshead engines: Castrol Cyltech 70, Shell Alexia 50, FAMM Taro Special 70
  • Crankcase oils – crosshead engines: Shell Melina 30, FAMM Veritas 800 Marine 30, Castrol CDX30
  • Trunk piston engine oils: FAMM Delo 1000 Marine 30, FAMM Taro 16XD30 20DP30 30DP30 40XL40, Castrol TLX Plus 203 303 403 MLC30, Shell Gadinia 30 Shell Argina T30 X40 XL40

  • Hydraulic oils: Castrol Hyspin AWH-M15 AWH-M32 AWH-M46 AWH-M68 AWH-M100 AWH-M150, Shell Tellus T15 T32 T46 T68 T100, FAMM Rando HDZ32 HDZ46 HDZ68 HDZ100
  • Gear Oils: Shell Omala 100 150 220 320 Shell Omala HD150 HD220 HD320 Shell Omala RL220, FAMM Meropa 68 100 150 220 320 460, Castrol Alpha SP150 SP220 SP320 SP460 Castrol Alpha ZN150 Castrol Alphasyn HG220 HG3320
  • Air Compressor Oils: FAMM Cetus DE100 PAO46 PAO68 Compressor Oil EP-VDL100, Castrol Aircol PD68 PD100 PD150 Aircol SN68 SN100 Aircol SR46 SR68, Shell Corena P68 P100 P150 Corena AP68 AP100 AS46 AS68 Corena S32 S46 S68
  • Gas Compressor Oils: Castrol Aircol PG185, Shell Madrela T, FAMM LPG Compressor oil
  • Refrigeration Compressor Oils: Shell Clavus 32 46 68 Clavus AB32 AB46 AB68 AB100 Oils Clavus R32 R46 R68, FAMM Capella WF68 HFC55 Refrigeration Oil Low Temp 68, Castrol Icematic 266 Icematic 299 Icematic 2294 Icematic 2295 Icematic SW32 SW46 SW68 SW100 SW150 Icematic 2284 2285
  • Turbine Oils: FAMM Regal R&O32 R&O46 R&O68 R&O100, Castrol Perfecto T32 T68 T100, Shell Turbo T32 T46 T68 T100
  • Stern Tube Oils: Castrol Coral 2 Coral D, Shell Strombus HS Strombus MP
  • Greases: Shell Alvania R2 Albida EP2 Stamina EP2 Albida GC1, FAMM Multifak EP0 EP2 Texclad 2 Molytex EP2 Uni-Plex Synthetic Grease EP, Castrol Spheerol SX2 Spheerol LMM Spheerol EP0 Castrol LMX grease

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Our knowledge of the products and close cooperation with our customers enables us to offer you the best service and support available. For enquiries or quotes, contact FCSL at or call us at 01604707750