• Environmentally friendly
  • Enable greater air flow
  • Have an increased life span

Manufacturing at FCL Organisation

The manufacturing side of our business is something worth shouting about.

We have a certified production and R&D facility, with the ability to design and develop air filtration systems. From large scale production runs for commercial application to handmade bespoke air filters for the motorsport industry. Our speciality is working with foam to produce either a high flowing or premium long life air filters.

In addition, we hold the ISO 9001:2008 and 14001:2004 accreditation for the design and manufacture of long-life, high performance foam air filters, and the distribution of products into the bus, train and construction industry.

We are also a member of Link-up, the UK rail industry supplier qualification scheme, providing a single common registration, qualification and audit process for suppliers that is shared by the UK rail industry.

  • Enable more power
  • Better fuel consumption (dependant on driving conditions)
  • All filters and engines are covered by FCL Organisation by an unconditional warranty

How many filters do we manufacture per week?



We produce 8,000 filters per week at our Northampton manufacturing site.

How many foam filters do we sell per month?



We sell approximately 4000 heavy duty Foam Air Cleaners and 1900 HVAC Filters.

How do we ensure our products are tested accurately?



Our onsite filter evaluation and test cell is equipped to run restriction test up to 1000CFM for restriction, ISO5011 both course/fine. EN779 ASHRAE testing for HVAC applications.

Overview of Main Operations

  • Full Metal Fabrication shop
  • CNC Tool room vertical mill
  • Powder coating shop
  • Foam converting with Hyma NSL band saw
  • Foam Die cutting
  • Foam bonding
  • Foam Impregnation
  • PU Moulding
  • PU Bonding
  • Kit Building

What our clients say

“FCL Organisation filters offer the durability and reliability we depend on.”
Addison Lee