Back in April FCL were excited to hear that Luke Tibble from Pipercross was going to be competing in the World Stick Fighting Championships…

Just recently I competed in the GSBA World Championships in Las Vegas, it had been basically 2 years of work building up to this point. During this time I have had to compete in various British and European fights to qualify and be chosen for the British squad. I was lucky enough to get the invite to attend the British squad training and eventually be picked for the squad to represent our country in the Super Heavy Weight division.

After a 9 and half hour flight we were all in Vegas and had a day before we weighed in for the competition. Day of the weigh ins and my category was 221lbs and over, I weighed in at a modest 271.1lbs so all was good. Ahead lay 3 days of competition in both single and double stick fights.

Day 1 and the fights were posted up, to progress to the final I had 6 fights ahead of me, all in the same day. There were fighters from all over the world, America, Britain, Australia, Germany, Italy, South America, Philippines. My first fight was against an American who towered over me, luckily I prevailed and progressed on. The next few fights seem to go by fairly well and confidence was high, the final came around I was up against the current World Champion. It was a great fight and after 3 rounds was judged to be a draw, the 4th round rule came into effect and we went at it, unfortunately it wasn’t to be and I was scored 2 to 1 against. Absolutely gutted it was the end of the day and time to reflect on how I could do better and win the double comp tomorrow.

Day 2 and the same guys were in the double as the day before, so the process started again. With a point to prove this time I was in the right frame of mind and blasted my way through the competition, some great tough fights on my way to the final but nothing was getting in my way. There I was again just one fight away from being a World Champion and who stood in my way,the same guy that had beaten me the day before! This has to be my favourite and toughest fight I have ever had and after 3 rounds I waited in anticipation for the result. The judge called for the helmets to be removed so a decision had been made, standing in the middle of the ring it seemed to take forever but then what I had been waiting for was said, I was the winner by unanimous decision! It had all been worth it and I had finally y done it.

The rest of Team GB did fantastic and we went away with the second highest medal haul in the competition. I would like to thank everyone who made this all possible, without your support I would not have been able to do this so I am glad I could provide the win for you all as well as me! Thanks to Filtration Control, Pipercross, Forge Motorsport, Eibach and Technical Foam Services.

I will now be having a rest before my next British fight in November and then look forward to the Europeans next year in Italy.