Our new Pathogen eliminating HVAC Air Filter captures airborne particles which may contain pathogens and viruses such as SARS-CoV-2. It eliminates 99.99%, making travel safer than ever before, and best part? Our filter is immediately available and can even be retrofitted to existing fleets.

Key Characteristics: 

Water-based latex compound with alumina tri-hydrate impregnation for fire and smoke protection
Registered silver technology for the antiviral and antibacterial effect
Silver attracts the viruses within the air filter structure
Kills bacteria and destroys common harmful enveloped viruses in minutes
Dermatologically tested to be non-irritating (safe for passengers and maintenance staff)
No air-pressure drop ensures the same quality level of HVAC as before with basic filters
Foam filter has a higher dust holding capacity than paper or single-layer foam Filters
Significantly extended life-time compared to paper or single-layer foam filters

It follows a two-step approach

1.Captures the carrier e.g. water, dust, aerosol, of the coronavirus

2.Kill’s the virus thanks to silver impregnation

It is a dual or triple laminated foam filter with double coating

Prefilter for larger particles

Inner layer for finer particles

First impregnation for fire and smoke protection

Second silver impregnation cured into the filter to last the lifetime of the filter for coronavirus elimination

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The effects of the Global COVID19 Pandemic is having a huge impact on the Public Transport industry, with a dramatic decline of Passengers and Reduced Ticket sales. With the added cost from the increased operational efforts, e.g. cleaning needs, upgrading vehicles with additional safety measures. It has made 2020 the hardest year for the industry, and will add uncertainty for passengers in the future. With studies showing 51% of people feeling uncomfortable about using public transport after the COVID19 pandemic is over (Source: the Oliver Wyman Traveler Sentiment Survey, Edition 1)

It is not just the Public Transport, but most businesses have struggled during the Pandemic, with offices having to shutdown to protect their staff and colleagues. However, our PEPA-F HVAC Filter is designed to help everyone get back to the way things were. The HVAC filter can be easily fitted into existing air-conditioning units, to help businesses move forward and bring employees, colleagues and visitors back to a normal way of life.

If you are interested in the PEPA-F HVAC Air Filter be sure to give us a call on 01604 707750 or email info@filtrationcontrol.com, where a member of our sales team will be happy to help you.