We’re very excited to introduce our new Head of Battery Sales, Jason Blackmore. Jason joins us with a wealth of experience within the battery industry having worked within specialist battery sectors including aviation, military, solar and energy through to medical and automotive for over 5 years.

Jason will continue to expand our portfolio of batteries, building strong relationships with suppliers and manufacturers. He will be the driving force in the launch of FCL’s complete range of own branded batteries for the automotive, commercial, rail, telecoms, stand by power, specialist batteries, military, bus and coach and aviation sectors.

FCL’s battery offering will be further expanded later this year with the introduction of lithium batteries to customers to be used alongside a bms system. We will also be offering a bespoke service for our customers with custom made battery packs offering longer lifecycle and power than traditional lead acid batteries and providing weight and fuel saving solutions.

Jason comments on these new progressions in the battery industry “I have worked with all battery chemistries from lead acid through to lithium and nicad building bespoke battery packs to suit the customers’ needs. I have been working towards designing bespoke battery management systems to work with either lead acid or lithium chemistries which can be utilising canbus systems to enable the customer to track every movement of the battery through state of charge right through to defining system failures and cell failure.  These are being designed to be the pinnacle of battery management and worked on to provide complete diagnostic read outs of the battery enabling both the customer and us as a company to evaluate what the battery is doing and where the failure came from.”

If you would like to discuss your fleet’s battery requirements with Jason please get in contact with him at jasonb@filtrationcontrol.com or on his mobile 07808 249617.