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MONBAT  batteries have been present on the international stage for more than 50 years, and Filtration Control are proud to be the official partner in the UK. With extensive production facilities, located in the town of Montana, North-West Bulgaria, the company stakes on continuous development and introduction of innovative products to the market, which along with the team of highly qualified experts and the use of modern technologies and equipment, makes it highly competitive in both locally and internationally. The company operates its own scientific laboratory – STARBAT, which is equipped with the latest high-end mechanical and electronic equipment to ensure the company continuously develops and is at the forefront of new battery technology and innovations. Monbat and FCL have been working in partnership for many years developing the Start Battery range to exceed OEM and customer requirements in the most challenging heavy duty environments.

Monbat Group

Manufacturer of starter lead-acid batteries and AGM batteries for various applications since 1959.
  • Leading European producer since 1959
  • Presence in 60 countries worldwide
  • Turnover of over 210 Million Euros
Recycling of lead and lead alloys.
Manufacturer of powerful high-brightness light emitting diodes and LED luminaries.

AGM – Absorbed Glass Mat

  • Latest AGM technology
  • Excellent for START-STOP function
  • Reducing the fuel consumption and CO2 emissions
  • Absolutely maintenance-free, leakage, spill and vibration proof
  • Designed for extreme power demands
  • Optimum starting power and maximum capacity
  • Extra long service life

EFB – Enhanced Flooded Batteries

  • Latest EFB technology
  • Improved charge acceptance and greater cyclic durability
  • Excellent for start stop applications
  • Absolutely maintenance-free, leakage, spill and vibration proof

Sealed Maintenance Free

  • Premium battery option on the market
  • Sealed maintenance-free SMF
  • Up to 30% increased starting power
  • Ideal for cars with a lot of electrical equipment
  • Particularly suited for Diesels
  • Charge level indicator
  • Enhanced safety

Heavy Duty

  • Full range available from Filtration Control
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FCL Organisation is the official partner of Monbat Batteries

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