Toby will be hosting a Busathon to raise funds for CHAMPS Appeal!

In the Easter holidays (exact date TBC) toby and his family shall be organizing a 12hr Busathon to raise money for a charity close to their hearts. CHAMPS Appeal is run by a small group of volunteers that organize events to fundraise for families living with Hirschsprungs Disease.

Toby was born with Hirschsprungs Disease, a life threatening condition where the nerve supply of an area of the bowel has not developed properly. This causes a blockage of the large intestine due to improper muscle movement in the bowel. This is a rare condition that only affects around 1 in 5,000 children. Toby had his first major surgery when he was just 6 weeks old and since then has been in and out of hospital frequently; He currently has an ileostomy although with further surgery this may be reversed.

For children with Hirchsprungs Disease life can be isolating with lengthy hospital visits affecting school attendance, special needs having to be met whilst at school and coping with the stigma of “Being Different” , which is why its so important to his family that Toby’s love for buses is expressed in a way which can be used to help other children such as himself.

Since Toby was two he has been obsessed with busses and one of his favorite things to do is spend hours riding around on buses. When he isn’t on buses toby loves to look at bus timetables and plan routes and he wants to put it to good use!

To help Toby raise enough funds to host his busathon please visit

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