SERIES 5: Reticulated Polyurethane Air Filter

At the heart of the FCL long life air cleaner is a multi-layered, fully reticulated, polyethylene foam media.  The filter is constructed with open porosities on the outside of the filter acting as a pre filter capturing larger debris and not allowing them to block the inner layers which capture particles down to 5 microns.  This allows the air to flow freely through the outer layers offering a much lower pressure drop when compared to a filter of paper construction, whilst offering a much larger capacity and 99.7% efficiency.

Filtration Standards

There are now two recognized standards in Filtration media. They are:

  • Pleated Paper
  • Reticulated Polyurethane

Although the basic construction to these elements are similar, the performance characteristics and benefits are extremely different.

Main Engine Train Foam Filters

As we are designers, manufacturers and suppliers of the Blue Diamond range we have agreements with Bombardier which enable us to supply direct into the rail industry worldwide.

We pride ourselves on offering a complete service to our customers, not only in supplying all of their filter needs but acting as their ‘filtration division’, a One Stop Shop, supporting customer visits, research and development of filters that meet the specific needs of the customer or applications.

By incorporating this expertise we have been developing a ‘Long Life’ family of air filters for Bombardier, this being called the ‘Blue Diamond’. The Blue Diamond filter range includes main engine air filters, Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC), compressor intake etc.

Key Advantages of Reticulated Polyurethane Filters

  • Significantly greater filter life
  • Greater efficiency
  • Developed in conjunction with Mira since 1980
  • Not affected by carbon and moisture
  • Used by the vast majority of the UK bus industry with current production requirements running at over 1500 units per week
  • Available in multi-stage “5 series”
  • Initial cost on many types, is less expensive than good quality paper filters
  • Reticulated polyurethane produced within ±2 pores and reticulated by gas blown method, NOT chemically
  • Outer layers have patented dimple profile
  • All filters treated synthetic plasticiser
  • Full test and backup facility available in our in-house test laboratory
  • All filters and engines covered by FCL unconditional warranty

Warranty Statement

FCL filters are guaranteed to be free from any defect in workmanship and materials during the service life recommended and if found to be defective will be replaced .Vehicle and engine warranties cannot be voided solely due to the use of FCL filters. This warranty does not cover failures caused by misuse, faulty installation, alteration, or accident. In the event of engine failure directly attributable to a FCL filter defect ,FCL will restore the engine to a condition equivalent to that existing just before the failure. However, FCL is not liable for any other losses or expenses incurred due to such defect.