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We are acknowledged as a leading supplier of lubricants, antifreeze and fuel into the UK rail sector; with our unrivalled knowledge being achieved through education, development and empowerment of our workforce. This provides us with the necessary skills to deliver a quality service for operators across the country and ensure our customers’ needs are identified and satisfied fully, every time.

In today’s fast-moving business environment, we also recognise the importance of being responsive to new manufacturer requirements. We are constantly updating our product portfolio to comply with the very latest OEM specifications and ensure our customers are within warranty requirements at all times. In addition to is’s “Best in Class” product offering, Rail Parts Supply has also developed specific customer services, which are available to operators in a top-level package for the rail sector.

The impact of Lubrication

59% of companies believe they can reduce cost by >5% through lubrication selection and/or management.

But only 1 in 4 think savings can exceed 10%

The benefits of higher quality lubricants are overlooked

61% do not expect a higher quality lubricant to reduce unplanned downtime.

Only 46% of companies believe product performance should be an important consideration when purchasing lubricants.

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