Fluid Management Service

FCSL is an acknowledged leading supplier of Lubricants, Antifreeze, AdBlue and Fuel into the UK Bus and Coach Market. Its unrivalled knowledge – Achieved through education, development and empowerment of its workforce provides us with the necessary skills to deliver an unrivalled quality of service for operators across the country in order to ensure that our customers’ needs are identified and satisfied fully, every time.

In today’s fast moving business environment, FCSL also recognises the importance of being responsive to new manufacturer requirements, and is constantly reviewing and updating its product portfolio in order to comply with the very latest OEM Specifications to ensure our customers meet with warranty requirements at all times. In addition to its ‘best in class’ product offering, FCSL has also developed specific customer services, which are available to operators in a top level package for the Bus and Coach industry.

What are the benefits?

Tailored packages to suit you
Many customers now regard our service as an integral part of their business.
Competitive prices with sensible minimum order quantities.

Our “Automatic Stock Management” service remotely monitors your stock levels and places scheduled top up orders for you, removing the need for any in-house dip readings.

Engine oil can tell us a lot about an engines health and proper checks can identify critical component wear.  With the “Engine Conditioning Monitoring”, our team will be able to take samples of the engine oil as soon as the vehicle is parked in order for the sample to be taken whilst the oil is at operating temperature.

We also provide an “Antifreeze check”. Our team of experts can provide vehicle specification audits to ensure the correct Antifreeze is in use – a factor critical to the health and serviceability of your engines but often something that is found to be incorrect.

Running out of Fuel, Oil, Antifreeze or AdBlue can be very detrimental to any Bus or Coach operation. Due to this fact, effective stock management and reordering is critical. However we see many instances where products are not subject to regular stock checking, and in some instances we see the stock is being checked but the orders are not placed. It is very understandable however that these things happen, with ever increasing pressures, deadlines and workloads things can get missed – However the fallout following on from these oversights can often be disastrous.

To combat this problem, FCSL have introduced a ‘Total Fluid Management’ Package for our customers. This service enables us to remotely monitor your stock levels and place scheduled top up orders for you. This removes the need for in house ‘dip readings’ or stock checks and you can concentrate on your operations knowing that you will always have ample stock of Fuel, AdBlue, Lubricant and Antifreeze in order to fulfil your service requirements.

Our team of engineers will visit your site, and fit our level reading and telemetry equipment to each of your tanks to cover all of your bulk storage on site. We will then receive information sent directly from these tanks on a daily basis at our head offices in Northampton. With this information, we can forward plan and schedule regular fills for each of your bulk tanks to ensure that you never run out of these important service stock items.

FCSL Currently supply and manage over 300 Bulk storage tanks up and down the UK, a figure that is on the constant increase due to its immense popularity.

In modern engines, it is the case that the coolant capacities are smaller than ever, whereas the operating temperatures and working pressures are higher than ever. In addition to this, greater use of lightweight materials such as Aluminium increases the risk of interal corrosion. As a result, the performance level of the Antifreeze in your cooling systems is now more important than it ever has been, and the product has to work harder than it ever has done.

To ensure that your Antifreeze is operating at the levels it needs to, Our team of experts can provide vehicle specification audits to ensure the correct Antifreeze is in use, and onsite testing of absolute antifreeze dilution to ensure that you have the correct antifreeze at the correct concentration level – A factor critical to the health and serviceability of your engines.

Engine oil can tell us a lot about an engines health. Often we find that with regular monitoring of an oils condition, we can identify key critical component wear and fatigue weeks, and in some cases months prior to a catastrophic engine failure. Utilising oil condition monitoring can also provide indications of contaminates entering the oil from damaged gaskets and seals in the cooling system and other areas which may lead to reduced lubrication performance, resulting in the premature wear of internal components and premature failure.

Working proactively in this way can save thousands on engine rebuilds and replacement units.

In order to gain an instant ‘snap shot’ of a fleets overall engine condition, our dedicated Lubricant experts can visit your depot as your vehicles arrive in from service for night time fuelling and cleaning. Our team will be able to take samples of the engine oil as soon as the vehicle is parked, in order for the sample to be taken whilst the oil is at operating temperature.

Samples will be analysed immediate on site to assess for fuel and water dilution which can lead to reduced lubrication performance of your engine oil and to provide you with early warning that there is an operation issue with an individual vehicle. This test can also identify contamination that is occurring at bulk storage level also, and even issues with contamination occurring at service level. Results and interpretation are provided via a full report provided within 24 Hours.

For more in depth analysis of your fleets operational health, FCSL are able to have the samples fully tested at one of its several UK Laboratories to determine physical and chemical degradation including particle and coolant contamination including wear elements produced by a failing engine component. The report, based on a simple traffic light system also provides full guidance on any remedial actions required to resolve any identified issues.

This service is ideal for any operators looking to gain a further insight into their engines overall condition, and is available as either a one-off service, or as part of a more regular, schedules programme of maintenance and is also available to cover Transmissions and Differentials.

As modern engines, Axles and Transmissions become ever more advanced and complex, so do the operating fluids that are needed to cool and lubricate them. Sometimes selecting the right products can be a minefield, and keeping all products within specification can be very difficult indeed. To combat this problem, FCSL can prepare a Lubricant and Antifreeze Survey for you to ensure that you are using the correct grades in the correct applications according to OEM Requirements. The aim of this survey will be to reduce stock holding complexity by tailoring supply to the minimum number of grades, whilst not compromising OEM Specifications.
FCSL can conduct a full internal audit of your lubrication and operating fluid storage and dispensing equipment to ensure that it is fit for purpose, is operating correctly and in a safe manner and that it complies with all relevant local pollution prevention regulations.

Our Equipment Auditing service covers:

  • Storage; Oil Tanks, Other fluid storage tanks; Bund Trays and Spill Containment products
  • Distribution; Pipework, Pumps, Nozzles and Metering Systems
  • Other Items such as Oil Jugs, Grease Guns and Dispensing Trollies

Our technical team will gladly audit and specify to your exact requirements to ensure that you comply fully with HSE and Environment Angency Regulations, in particular the ‘Control of Pollution (Oil Storage) England Regulations 2001 and The Water Environment (Oil Storage)(Scotland) Regulations 2006. For any equipment that may be required, FCSL Can offer a full range at very competitive prices and can also offer unbeatable financing rates should this be of value.


We are happy to discuss the different aspects of our Fluid Management Service and tailor a package to suit you.

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