Filtration Control Ltd celebrated its 30th Anniversary on 1st April 2017. The company can trace back its roots to 1980 when Deryck Norville started an in-house filtration division whilst working as a production engineer for Cosworth.

Deryck Norville started off as an engineer apprentice for a local engineering company, RHP. After qualifying as a Draughtsman Deryck joined Cosworth as a production engineer in 1973 and was promoted to assistant sales manager 4 years later. A year on and he was promoted yet again to Sales Manager. In 1980 the previous sales manager had returned from his position in America ready to take back the role which gave Deryck a few options. He chose to start up a filtration division within Cosworth which, after a few years of new designs and successful trials, grew with 4 staff and a positive future.

After trials with stagecoach and national bus, Deryck’s Filtration division was a huge success and the department looked to expand the range across all bus models used within National Bus.

Following the extent of his success within the Filtration Division the next logical step for Deryck was to branch out from Cosworth and start his own Filtration Company; which is exactly what he did. With the financial support of Beaverco, Deryck Norville went on to head up a new standalone filtration company; Filtration Control Ltd officially started trading on the 1st April 1987 from a small factory in Wellingborough along with Darran Johnson and Martin Jones.

In 1987 Deryck made the strategic move into a new sector, a sector which was high performance competition filters. Pipercross Ltd, which were rivals of Filtration Control, was put on the market after having very little success in the bus industry. With the Amalgamation of the two companies a new headquarters was purchased in Northampton.

Stacy Norville, Deryck’s daughter, then joined the company in 2006 and started up Filtration Control Solutions Ltd (FCSL) which focused on vehicle operation solutions including oils and Adblue.

By the start of 2010 the company had achieved a £15million turnover with 65 members of staff over 2 distribution sites. From this point FCL continued in its growth; forming partnerships with key manufacturers such as Fleetguard; becoming distributors of reputable brands including Mann Filter and later branching out into the battery sector with FCSL trying the Adblue market.

In 2014 on 17th January the Management buyout took place. Stacy Norville, James Hudson, Mike Byrne, James Pearman, Adam Hughes and Philip Hudson bought the company from Deryck Norville, Darran Johnson and Martin Jones which is when The FCL Organisation was formed. Stacy highlights the strengths that came with forming the organisation “The formation of FCL Organisation, has led to the alliance of our four companies, FCL, FCSL, TPC and POTN. This has created something unique in our industry, a wider range of products and services, creating value in the supply chain as well as collaboration, joining forces to achieve more than if each company were working on its own”

Filtration Control under The FCL organisation is forever expanding, adapting and growing to assure our customer’s receive the best service. “We will continue to build on the solid foundations laid by my father and his colleagues 30 years ago” Says Stacy “By constantly looking at new products to bring to our core markets and entering different sectors to stay on a course of sustainable, profitable growth. We must also continue to Invest in our people, a key area which will drive this growth and company development.”

With so much history behind our company and products we look back with gratitude and forward with excitement; Our services are something we always strive to build upon, making FCL an example of a dynamic, innovative, progressive team.

The Group managing director, Stacy, perfectly summarises what has made us so different from other companies in the industry and why we will continue to succeed “We will not lose sight of our core values, integrity, honesty and trust which have given us our reputation in the market place. Years ago the company mission statement was ‘quality without compromise’, this shaped our successes today and will continue to do so in the next ten years.

Filtration Control Ltd started with 3 people in 1987; today it’s a Multi-Million Pound Company with a turnover of over 30 million a year, over 100 employees and a reputable name that is well respected within the industry.  Throughout the years Filtration Control has seen fluctuations in the market but has always managed to adapt to the current climate and move forward. It’s because of this drive and motivation to succeed that we’re proud to be able to celebrate Filtration Control’s 30th Anniversary with all our employees, customers and partners who we are most grateful to; We look forward to a prosperous future.