About FCL Organisation

We are proud of our history and excited about our future. The FCL Organisation continues to grow, each company bringing new products into exciting sectors worldwide and achieving sales of over £30 million. As a highly reputable group of companies, relationships forged 30 years ago are still in place today, with both customers and suppliers. Over the years the group have proven to be adaptable and flexible to overcome market challenges, and bold actions have been taken to increase productivity and to position the company as a competitive force for the years ahead. The FCL manufacturing plant, also based in Northampton has developed to such an extent over the last 30 years that it now produces some of the most technologically advanced filters on the market.


30 Years of Quality and Innovation

Total FCSL Litres Delivered Annualy


Litres Delivered last year.

Adblue: 18,204,200L

Screen wash: 538,384L

Antifreeze: 4,570,000L

Lubricants: 2,122,890L

Foam Filters Sold Per Month:

4,000 Heavy Duty Foam Air Cleaners

3,000 HVAC

Batteries Sold Per Month


Total Warehouse Size

60,000 SQ/F

Stock Movements Per Day 12,000

Filters Manufactured Per Week 8,000

Filters Dispatched Per Week

Stock Valuation

£1.8M >£2M

Top Filter Manufacturers by spend



Cummins Filtration

Our Partners

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Quality and Accreditations

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