This year FCL are celebrating not one but three long service employees who have dedicated over 25 years’ of service to the company.  Customer Service Manager Diane Law, Imprest Stock Manager Jo Steward and Andy Muddiman in Purchasing have all been with the company for over 25 years.

Jo started on the 18th April 1990 where she was hired as a receptionist. She recounts the early years “I arrived nice and early for my first day and was summoned upstairs straight away.  After a quick meeting I was promoted to Accounts Assistant!  This has pretty much set the trend of my whole 26 years!

I have worked in: (in order) Reception, Purchase Ledger, Payroll, Export (the old style before the European “walls” came down!), a short stint in Purchasing, Customer Service, Then upstairs to take on the typing for the Directors, in those days we typed letters! Arranging customer events.

I have also worked across at the manufacturing office to assist with purchasing and stock control and currently I am back to the Customer service office where my main duties are all the imprest stock administration, compiling monthly reports for the customers who require it, completing tenders for our Hong Kong customers, assisting in customer services and covering for Di with Bombardier admin when she is out of the office but basically anything that lands on my desk, I enjoy a challenge!

When I first joined, everything was done manually or by typewriter.  Endless piles of price checking supplier invoices line by line, manually updating our central cross reference sheet, printing it out on A3 lined dot matrix paper!

There were two computers in the company: one was the Pipercross computer and one was a single work station that sat in the corner of the office and enabled me to update the cross references and daily figures and save them to 5 inch floppy disks!

The word processor was “Volkswriter” and the spreadsheet was “Supercalc 4”, so modern!

Di & I both remember well when FCL “went computerised” weeks of early mornings, late late nights and weekends inputting the data so we could get the “system” up and running, look at us now!”

On Monday, Group Managing Director Stacy Norville and Technical Director Darran Johnson took the opportunity to thank Di, Jo and Andy for their service.  “Our people are the driving force of the company and FCL’s greatest asset,” says Stacy “It is important that we recognise and reward our employees for their loyalty, commitment and hard work.”

All employees from the company gathered to see Di, Jo and Andy have their service recognised in a presentation taking a look back through the years.  They were all presented with a gift of their choice to say thank you in recognition of their contribution to the company.  The 25 Years Gift Catalogue featured a number of experiences, from a relaxing Soul Spa Tipi Retreat for two to a more daring 15,000ft Tandem Skydive.

Congratulations to you all, we hope you enjoy your gifts!